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Zen Shirt in a Pink, Green and Beige Shaded Paisley Design Japanese Linen

The Paisley motif, an ancient ornamental design featuring the teardrop-shaped buta, originated in 16th century Persia as a symbol of life and eternity. The pattern flourished in Europe, with local manufacturers in Marseille, England, and Holland mass-producing it. It gained fame in the 18th and 19th centuries, with the British East India Company introducing Kashmir shawls to England and Scotland, where the town of Paisley lent its name to the motif. Learn more about the history of this enduring design in our Journal.


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Product Details

– Finest linen fabric woven and printed in Japan
– Pre washed, no shrinkage
– 100% linen
– Natural mother-of-pearl buttons
– True to size,
– Machine wash at 40C
– Do not tumble dry as this destroys the fabric

Style Description

There are various stories about the origins of the Grandad collar shirt. Our Zen shirt stands foremost for Ukrainian farmers with their traditional simple hemp or linen shirts, which were usually with a pop-over front and finished with just a collar band. Our Zen shirt is finished to look clean and modern, with a very easy and comfortable fit, like our Feel Good shirt.

It has a small stand up collar, a small front pocket and a front placket showing the buttons at the top, while the lower buttons remain concealed. The sides are reinforced with small gussets. It looks relaxed and at the same time very elegant, with the visible buttons at the top of the placket recalling a Polo shirt, while the lower hidden part remains neat and clean.

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