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Right from the start in 2009, we have been using our Delikatessen logo. We like its abstract simplicity and profoundness. In a subtle way, our label, soft to the touch, is always present, yet only known to the wearer of our garments and as we don’t show any further external labels, avoiding our brand to be blatantly present. So here’s how we found it.
While deciding to set up our own fashion brand and having only just decided to use the word Delikatessen for our brand, we started thinking about a suitable logo. One fine warm summer evening we happened to stroll past an art gallery in Warsaw. And were immediately struck by a powerful black and white abstract painting in the window by Małgorzata Jastrzębska. We liked it a lot and surprisingly its D shape seemed a perfect match for our Delikatessen brand.
When we contacted Małgorzata, she agreed for us to acquire the right to use her painting for our Delikatessen logo. And presented us a replica of her painting, which we cherish to the present day. We are happy to share our Delikatessen "D" with you.