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Reviving Tradition: Our Take on the Grandad Collar Shirt
There are various stories about the origins of the Grandad collar shirt. Our Zen shirt stands foremost for Ukrainian farmers with their traditional simple hemp or linen shirts, which were usually with a pop-over front and finished with just a collar band.
Our Zen shirt is finished to look clean and modern, with a very easy and comfortable fit, like our Feel Good shirt. It has a small stand up collar, a small front pocket and a front placket showing the buttons at the top, while the lower buttons remain concealed. The sides are reinforced with small gussets. It looks relaxed and at the same time very elegant, with the visible buttons at the top of the placket recalling a Polo shirt, while the lower hidden part remains neat and clean.
Attention to details
The cuffs have two button closures and a horizontal buttonhole above, to make it easy to open and close. Cuff pleats at the back enhance the natural front look of wrists.
At the back of the shirt, only one piece of fabric forms the yoke. This is unique to our shirts, as you will normally find the yoke made from two pieces of fabric. Darts on the yoke create the round shape to follow shoulders. As they sit better on the body than any other shirt, they are unique for Delikatessen shirts.

We also have unique handmade French seams, with the edges completely encased with a very neat finish. That’s why you will never find a raw edge on our shirts.

Edge stitching – our secret of a perfect shirt

We apply a high density of stitches, rooted in top end Napoli classic tailoring. They provide our shirts their clean look, proper shape and strong durability. The stitching defines and sharpens the body of our shirts. In this way the shirt keeps its casual and sharp look.Also the lowest buttonhole at the front of your shirt is horizontal, so it won’t open up while sitting and during everyday use.

We assemble our shirts with very neat and clean stitching. Our unique shirt stitching is very dense and minimal. Just a few select factories have the knowledge and ability to do this. Edge stitching is our designer’s choice that gives each garment such a clean look. This so called edge stitching makes the garment look very clean, modern and strong. At the edges of the seams, we use a highly dense 8 stitches per centimetre. Our front stitching is 3 millimetres from the edges. This also ensures shirts will never open up or disassemble during a regular wash. 

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