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Discover the secrets behind our Feel Good Shirt
The Feel Good shirt is designed to be casual. As we are rooted in the tradition of tailoring, it has its elegant side as well. It features a straight collar and goes perfectly between a slim and a regular fit. So, it’s comfortable, relaxed and yet contemporary and minimalistic. Our idea is that you will naturally choose this shirt from your wardrobe as you may wear it with ease at any occasion. That is why we called it a Feel Good Shirt. Now, after over eleven years it remains our most liked signature shirt.
We designed a 3D pattern that reflects a man’s round neck, creating the unique Delikatessen curved shaped collar. Unbuttoned, our collar always remains in shape as it follows the natural neckline and sits well on shoulders. Hidden collarbones underneath prevent the collar from turning upwards.
Horizontal Buttonholes

Horizontal buttonholes are a giveaway of true traditional shirt making. We made a horizontal buttonhole above the cuff, which is easier to open and close than the commonly used vertical one.

Also the lowest buttonhole at the front of your shirt is horizontal, so it won’t open up while sitting and during everyday use.

Our shirt pocket is not on the outside, but inside. We added our signature design by curving it on the lower right side, subtly reflecting the Delikatessen logo. It keeps the shirtfront subtle, while offering storage for small utensils.
Extra darts

Many shirts do not sit well around neck and shoulders. We have our signature shoulder darts. The darts create the 3D space to reflect the shoulder shape. They are unique for Delikatessen shirts.

Size embroidery

We embroider green sizing letters inside at the centre of the collar. They give each shirt a personal touch and also keep your neck feeling soft and comfortable.

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