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SS 15

The photoshoot for the Spring-Summer 2015 took place at the urban garden allotments in Warsaw. These gardens, which are located very close to the city center, have been used for over a century now. In the meantime, they have become more of a pleasure than a necessity for most users and at the same time an integral part of Warsaw’s ecosystem. For Warsaw’s young designers, IT specialists or journalists, having an allotment is key to their eco-friendly lifestyle.

The Delikatessen team had the pleasure to meet Mr Tomek, who permitted this photoshoot to be taken in his beautiful garden. Mr Tomek was also kind enough to show the other private gardens around his area.


Jacket made from fine Italian linen, woven in the area of Lago Maggiore


Mr Tomek’s wooden house inside his allotment


Shirt made from special Italian jacquard fabric


Shirt made from crispy white poplin


Sweater made from Japanese vintage slow knit



Shirt made from Italian denim fabric

Shirt made from Italian denim fabric

Anticipating the new season, we have sown the seeds of Fava beans in our vegetable garden. As we see them grow, we celebrate true manufacture and fabrics. New jackets in linen and summer wool stand out, with T- and sweatshirts of newly introduced Wakayama Slow Vintage knits.

Silhouettes are relaxed and toned. Cottons and linens mixes from a historical weaver in Italy are the basis for our shirts, loosely woven, resulting in a profound summery feel and a very relaxed look. We also use beautiful linens from Normandy, woven in Italy and certified by masters of linen.

For SS15 we take some classics like Henley, and execute it in soft Japanese knits from Wakayama region. This garment has been crafted from a delicate knit that originates from a small factory in Wakayama, Japan. For more than a century, this factory has operated TSURI knitting machines that run very slowly and tenderly. The machines take up to 1 hour to make only a meter of fabric. This artisanal approach results in a high quality knit that has an incredibly soft feel and is rightly named Slow Vintage Knit. 

These machines use a special type of ‘bearded needles’, which draw in air for gentle knitting. They do not pull and stretch the fabrics unlike most modern machineries. All these factors result in a softer and more responsive fabric made just like a hand-knitted. A relatively slower process, this method of knitting produces superior texture and quality fabric.