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SS 15

The photoshoot for the Spring-Summer 2015 took place at the urban garden allotments in Warsaw. These gardens, which are located very close to the city center, have been used for over a century now. In the meantime, they have become more of a pleasure than a necessity for most users and at the same time an integral part of Warsaw’s ecosystem. For Warsaw’s young designers, IT specialists or journalists, having an allotment is key to their eco-friendly lifestyle.

The Delikatessen team had the pleasure to meet Mr Tomek, who permitted this photoshoot to be taken in his beautiful garden. Mr Tormek was also kind enough to show the other private gardens around his area.


Jacket made from fine Italian linen, woven in the area of Lago Maggiore


Mr Tomek’s wooden house inside his allotment


Shirt made from special Italian jacquart fabric


shirt made from crispy white poplin


sweater made from Japanese vintage slow knit

IMG_4861 IMG_5002

Shirt made from Italian denim fabric

Shirt made from Italian denim fabric